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26 May 2015

When a Skunk 2 upper control arm fails at the Nürburgring Karussell. [video]

This week-end a friend of mine came to make few upgrades to his ED7 (EF3 in Japan) : New oil pan, oil cooler + oil pressure indicator and... Skunk 2 Pro Series upper control arms.

So what a better place to the Nürburgring Nordschleife for testing theses improvements ? Here we go, heading to the most famous German road.

Just for information, here is the Civic setup: 

-Bilstein B8 dampers
-H&R springs F. 4,6 kg/mm R. 4,0 kg/mm
-Skunk 2 pro series upper control arms
-Energy Suspension bushings
-EBC Yellow Stuff brake pads
-RBF 600 brake fluid
-Braided brake lines kit
- 195/50/15 Yokohama A048.
-Supersprint 4-2-1 header
-Aftermarket 50mm steal exhaust system
-K&n sport air filter

Here we go for a lap at the wheel ! 

After a lap from my friend, he made me drive his car (thank you Sir for this ;) ). The car felt very easy to drive so you could have plenty of confidence hoping from a corner to an other. The brakes never fad even if to me, the pedal feeling could be improved. Anyway, after having had some fun in the first part of the track, it was time to dive in the notorious Caracciola Karussell corner, then this... Happened. In order to avoid this in the future, a custom spacer will be build.

Even having torque well the setting bolts, the upper knuckle plate slipped away from its initial position. We had few laugh as we knew this had to occurs. Fortunately it wasn't in a high speed corner ! After having tighten much more above the 12 lb-ft asked by Skunk 2 for the setting bolts, we could have another lap with my friend at the wheel. Thank you for letting me test the Civic, it was a pretty good day.

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