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4 May 2018

The 183,8hp NA DOHC ZC.

Hi guys, it's not this often I write something about other cars here, but THIS... Is what can be done with the good old unloved DOHC ZC engine...

 Source: Yoshiaki Inoue

Quite popular around Osaka, Yoshiaki Inoue instead of swapping for a B or a Ksomething, decided to stick to the Vtecless long stroke DOHC D Series. A pair of GrA Mugen cams, high compression pistons, 4 throttle intake, a custom made titanium exhaust system and a rewritten OEM ECU later, here you are,183,8hp ! (186,5ps) 

 Source: Aslan Inc

Yoshiaki Inoue is a customer of what was still called Try Box when I visited them in Japan, they are now the builders of the fastest EVER front wheel drive car at Tsukuba TC2000. They have swapped the heavy sun roof from Inoue San EF3 for a 25kg lighter carbon fiber version and built the Dohc ZC.

Source: Aslan Inc

Here is what it sounds like on a cold start. Inoue San told me it was smooth when hot thought. Now we would love to hear it at full chat !


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