Nürburgring the OEM way.

Few weeks ago I've been at the Nürburgring with the Toyhonda AED7. This car is fully made from OEM parts. With some brand new set of Sachs Super Touring (OEM like) for the front and Kayaba Exel-G for the rear. The rear antisway bar has been modified in order to be a bite stiffer. About the tires, the excellent 195/60/14 AVON has been replaced by the very daily friendly Vredestein Sportrac 5 with the OEM size this time, 185/60/14.
At least, this sticker isn't lying !

As many constructors were busy testing on the track  we had to wait all day long. At the Brunchen corners we met this Spanish AE92. (You can see I've lost the center cap of the front left wheel on the Autobahn :( ) 

Asking me to open the hood, the Spaniard just got these words for me "Arg... Trahison !" (treason! )
Then it was time to hit the track. On open roads the car is very fun to drive, even with the OEM brakes, and brake lines. You can almost do whatever you want. Of course, its much slower than before with the 195 tires, but... who cares? Now on the Nordshleife having in mind the Civic handling, I had few "moments"... Particularly  in Flugplatz where I almost lost the car at full speed ! And to be honest, in almost ALL hot spot in fact !! The car was absolutely NOWHERE, the grip limit of the Sportracs 5 being remarkably high, it was very difficult to know if I could push more ore not. So strange the "lag" in there reaction time was the biggest issue in fact. But that was perfectly in between fear and fun ! I Also wanted to add that since the last time I went there, they had remake almost ALL part of the track, removing as well many bumps that made some corners tricky such as Metzgesfeld and others. So maybe, the stiff Civic could bring back his tires on the German track. (with a much quieter exhaust of course !) 

Every body knows the ultra famous STR. This campaign contributed to save the track from being closed, even if it's impossible now for Hi-Land Circuit I just put this for the Tohoku track addicts. 

  And as always, big thanks to Ammo Prod for the pictures !
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