Classic Days 2015 Part I

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Hello, before I thank and greet all the people I could see or those without this weekend would have been less perfect than it was, I wanted to give you a little insight (because I could not take pictures of everything and I certainly forget some stuff) of some "tinkering" to what I faced before the Classic Days.


On tracks like Magny-Cours, long curves create a fairly substantial centrifugal force, unfortunately the OEM tank designed in the late 60s did not provide for such treatment! So I had sailed a minimum of 30 liters of fuel to be certain to have a great fuel alimentation in curves. 

The solution, a surge tank and its low pressure and high flow pump that simple. In a modular worries (yes I know it may sound a little strange for this kind of car) but most of all, is was a weight distribution concern the tank seats between the diffuser and the shell.


As before each track days, the suspension had a bit of cleaning and control, so I could spot few bugs such as a big play in the caliper slides. A more serious camber setting solution has been made too and the antirollbar bushing as been replaced as well. 


The longest part has been the rust eradication... What appeared to be a simple sheet replacement, was in fact a long-term work as you can see on the photos.

Here is what to kill more rust. 

I have not even taken the time to picture the restoration result, but here is a little preview.

A bit of cleaning to the under panel wasn't too much. 

 Following this little incident (click on incident) I had to find a new bumper but no way I put this overweight 8kg on the front axle, the solution was therefore in its counterpart in fiber. By itself the gain was not enough, so I had to make worthy mounts to further reduce the weight note and this is not less than 4.5 kg won from the front. Replacing lighting (night lights and turn signals) it would be possible to win 800gr ( They weight 1.6kg by them self ! Yes you read correctly, these little things are extremely heavy for their size!)


From the engine side, nothing special except a set of Honda OEM igniter wiring and spark plugs. Of course an oil replacement was done too.

The stainless steel Supersprint manifold (yes) was beginning to suffer from the time ravages (especially those of a bit of out track last summer) so it was time to replace it.

Once the new one in hands to bring him my little mods, what was my surprise to discover internal welds protruding more than 5mm in ducts! I had to use the Dremel and craftsmen tools to put these things in optimum configuration.

The gearbox had a little leakage problem from the selector shaft seal, that's no problem, replacement of the said joint. 

My great shift lever is truly ergonomic however the joint command is really not the same opinion, and I must believe that the centrifugal force and other body movements undermine it. The play was becoming really too much, this time it was too late to order the new part at Honda but after a quick glance in the stock, I could find my happiness, no more play at all !

To be continued... 

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