Classic Days 2013

After a short good night's sleep, it was already time to go "down to business" Ammo and I were almost the first to arrive at the beautiful Circuit de Nevers Magny Cours. The staff was of course there to greet us with smile.
We took this quiet time to feed us a bit going around the cars arrived yesterday. Time to empty the trunk of the Civic, already some known (at least from the Internets) people were here, Aimé (who kindly lent me missing rear axle screw).

And voila! It's time to attack a few laps! And inevitably, things would not happen as planned, the little "igniter toll episode did it again in the queue (perfect)! Neither one nor two, I've decided to replace the igniter, is certain he took the water because of the cooling duct during the trip. After a few went back to my site, the new igniter was mounted, and this threw me for a few laps alone. The car handles very well, and to be quite honest, I hardly felt the effects of aero modifications. I've decided to finish the session despite the increasing tire pressure.

Session ended, I returned to the paddock, adjusts the tire pressure and say hello to friends from Isère! The good Thomas and Sylvain from Autoworks magazine.


We chat, we toured the cars present, and fire! It's already time for the second session. This time the tires were properly inflated, we will try to do something. Just a few minutes later, the sensations came back, braking are increasingly late, and the back of the car starts to boot. I notice immediately that the tray is very eclectic and these cars deliver an extremely varied pace. After Imola (the second large chicane) I find myself struggling with a Porsche at the “Chateau d’eau’ braking before I realized that a Mini almost completely stopped, is on my path.
Doing everything to prevent the British car, I've put a wheel on the grass while braking and ... This is the drama. I hit the wall on the left side of the circuit. Cutout off, I aunt a reboot, it starts! Perfect, I go through the release channels of the circuit, make a short stop to see the damage. It's not too bad, just time to get a wing tip and bumper that came hack the front left tire, I leave in the paddock.

And here, friends can finally be put to use! A large hammer, rivets, chisels, screwdrivers, we can make a little more acceptable face to the Civic. 

 We just finish in time before attacking the next session. Thank you Thomas , Aimé and people who lent us the hydraulic jack. With Aimé as a passenger, I thought the gas was planning, in fact it was a prankster high tension spark plug cable playing with the G force. And in this case it was also the famous toll concern, and that one of the queue. 


The car is now in TOP on fast circuits, despite the manifold a little bit broken in the crash, the topspeed was not ashamed to face the most powerful cars and I honestly think the aero changes are no trivial. I found that the Civic had little too much grip on the rear axle, but it is a lesser pain than the pleasure I have on the steering wheel !

Here is the Video by Ammoprod

Note that I've never tested the car with this setup springs / anti-roll bar on such a fast track.

A huge Thanks to Ammoprod once again for his beautifull pictures.Thank you Antoine Prouteau, for yours !
I also would like to thanks mister Graham G. Beckerson for sending me bushings in 2 days from SuperPro in Australia, and without any shipping extracost. Julien, Seb, thanks a lot for machinings !

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  1. Salut, je peux envoyer des photos des modifications que vous avez faites dans la suspension de votre civique? Désolé pour le langage