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23 Jun 2013

Happyness from Bulgaria.

Hi, before ending the Classic Day story, I would like to share few words about that girl, she's from Bulgaria, and she's a petrolhead girl. Thanks to her I went to the very famous Scorch Racing garage and I've met Take San, Under Suzuki and even Max Orido.

She went to the 15th National Nissan Meeting and it was for here an inexpected 1st time track day. Her car is a stock Nissan Sunny GTi. She managed a very nice lap time keeping in mind that her car is stock and that it was her first time on track. Nissan Club were impressed by her driving and gave her a "Special prize" to encourage. Well done Ellie ! Hope we'll meet again soon to hit European track together.

Ellie tripodding in a clean Attack mode. 

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