[Video] Not that bad: Touge course with track setup

Yep, as you may know I've broken my AW11 4AGE so I couldn't have fun for a while now. It's not in my habits to get out with the Civic on mountain passes, but it was definitely enough frustration for me.

So here we are, I decided to find out what the Civic was capable of in these conditions. Talking about conditions, it was cold as f*ck, my tires were worn as much too. Nevertheless I had to have a go  !

So after trying to put some heat in the rear tires pulling the E Brake on downhills several long times, I finally decided to decrease their pressure. That was half of a success as I had more grip, so bit more confidence and therefore more chance to get some heat in them.

Finally, the major issue with the racetrack setting was the amount of negative camber, which provides a very tricky behaviour on straight parts, apart of that, the damping wasn't that bad as that course was pretty flat ! And I'm sure with a hotter weather it could be a great fun ! 

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