Here is the fastest Front Wheel Drive around Tsukuba.

I just wanted to show how much I respect the work of the guys from Garage Work. One of their customer (Yusuke Tokue) just broke the Tsukuba lap record for the fastest FWD. Yes, the fastest front wheel drive nothing less. This could have been "normal" if the car was heavily turbocharged or even doing it because of a huge swap... But nothing of these helped to achieve the astonishing performance ! And this, makes this record even more respectable.

Credit photo : Takashi Kochiya
Lap Time : 57.580

The Aslan EG6 K20A swapped is almost 1 second behind with a 58.355 where the mighty D Language ZC31S with its NOS, Turbo and plenty of carbone fiber laps Tsukuba in 57.807.

Congratulations ! 

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