No buzz for a great event. Real life Gran Turismo.

I know I've already talked to you many many times about these track days in Tohoku, but I think those are so much under rated and in the shadow of many other events in the japanese car scene (Tsukuba, Fuji Speedway), that I wanted to spotlight this again (and I probably will more and more... ). Just check how all these cars are tuned for a function ! Look how tight is the battle in front... This is not just about killing the clock in a single lap, it's about tuning your machine to be in pole, then, to hold a proper pace and a great reliability for all the race long ! I mean, you have to be powerful, well balanced (to not kill the tires) AND reliable ! Then... it's all about the driver to not make contact. This is racing... After having done one of these race in Japan, I want it so bad in France... 

PS: I feel bad for this dude gearbox, and for N/A cars here in Sugo as well. 

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