Underpanel part 1.

I was wondering how to get a little bit more top speed without touching at the engine,end if I could get a at least something that could looks like something called "ground effect" it would be fantastic... Then a guy (witch his name is wrote on the picture below) talled me to make the air under the car go fast as possible... Okay. Let's try !

So here we are, it weights about the same as the passenger seat (about 8kg) that i will remove for one or two runs. I'm not expecting to get any kind of downforce to be honest, but only an "invisible" way to bring a few kilometers on straight lines.

I also made a little thing that I personally called "Iceberg airdam" because it looks like an air dam... But ?! You will see it later ;)

Ps: you can see a little "louver" in order to evacuate the heat from the exhaust , to not do like Jeremy Clarkson in this Top Gear famous episode ! (At 6:13min)

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  1. No downforce for sure, but less aerodynamic lift (in FR I mean "portance"). Hope you'll feel it in long turns!