It's getting serious !

Here we are. But still have looooooot of work on the Civic as you can see...

On top of that I'm still searching a 12x125 and 200mm length bolt. And of course, no news from the polyurethane bushings I've order. ( ̄▽ ̄)

"Dynamic induction they said..." (^^.)

The radiator "before/after" not clear in the picture, but very happy for the result ! (it's the "back side", the front is much more impresive !)

A bit of cleaning never hurts ! (i've spotted many potential sources of failure, Iacv wiring, Cyl n°1 pos sensor, Oil leakage, etc... )

Ps: you can see that I've switch from the 5w40 Wako's to 10w40 esther new formula. I was very happy with the Wako's, but before ordering many liters from Japan I would like to test "Les produits locaux fabriqués en France MONsieur ! Ouiouioui !"


  1. Normalement j'ai mon accréditation presse pour les classic days, j’essaierais de faire de beaux clichés de ta sb ;)