Japanese drink vending machines.

Here is something i'd like to talke about. I remember Rhodes vacations where we almost died dehydrated searching for a drink vending machine. Here in Japan this could not happen ! Why ? Check this out, in 2200m (the way from where I actually live to the Hirakatashi station), we can find 61 machines ! 1 every 36 meters !

Agrandir le plan

I've been found of all sodas, cafes, thees and all other think you can drink, i will make a post about my favorite drinks here later.

It's a real war between all drink groups ( Coca-Cola, Kirin, Asahi, Noos, Dydo, Suntory, Itoen), they all do Grape Sodas, Cafes, Thees, lemon sports drinks etc etc...

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