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28 Sep 2014

Japan, here we go again ! Part II. Preparing Hi-land Final Attack.

It's now time to fly to Japan again, I really wasn't expecting to come back there that soon since the last time. But here we are !

After many hours trying to accommodate the future jet-lag as soon as possible, we arrived at Narita airport. The time to get the railpasses, and after a quick night in a capsule hotel it was already time to jump into the Shinkensen for Sendai ! So we can really appreciate the beauty of the Japanese country side.

From Sendai station, we had to take an other train to go next to Taro San's garage, as you can expect it's not a typical tourists station. Ammo and I didn't knew it at the moment, but it was only the beginning of our "densha life" ! 

Then we met again our friends Taro and Eri in the SMAC garage. It was like we never left ! So happy to see them again !

Maybe this sticker on the back of this S2000 reminds you something. 

Just to be sure you really got it:

So enough "Blabla" still strongly jetlaged, I had to prepare the EK4 for the race, oil replacement, wheel change, harness mounting. The only modifications this EK4 has are: coilovers, aftermarket brake pads, a bucket seat + harness, a stainless steal muffler, Advan Neova tires and a cage. Just enough to enjoy trackdays !

Funny to read some french here ! 

Once the car loaded on the truck, we left SMAC garage to eat something. 

Cruising in a Mercedes Class A in Japan, is not something you often do. (Eri was driving the Silvia in front ).

Then we were happy to see again the great Koike joining us with his not less famous S2000 for a good dinner !

After a very needed rest night, it was be time to hit the track ! Stay tuned !

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  1. Ce franklinisme sur la 5ème photo ! C'est physiquement impossible à moins d'avoir des gènes de tortue ! :) :) :)


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