Honda Euro Meet 2014

Here is my little review of the Honda Euro Meet 2014 (more commonly called HEM#5 )

It will be very "hardware friendly". But first, it was very cool to see again some with whose everything began (Almost 14 years ago already !?!)  for some, even coming from... Singapore ! Jc, if you read this, Morade, Julien, that was really a  great pleasure to see you again ! I will not quote everybody here, it will be too long, but, all the UK guys, the friendly Kamikz team etc..

So what about the car ?! 
After one year without having touch it, it still handles like... Hum, nothing on little tracks. As the settings are really made to suits big tracks (rear geometry, and spring rates), the cars is not at his advantage on tight sections. As you can see on many pictures, it's tripoting eavyly on slow sections witch is not that good for the laptimes. If you have a look at Magny-Cours F1 track for example, the car always sits on his four wheels even in the last chicane (the slowest one). The balance is quite good there.

Are you running a Turbo or something  ?
Some guys Asked me if I was running a turbo because (I guess) of the noise. In fact I've made a custom noise killer able to fit in my exhaust, it was done very late and here it is... crappy noise and a huge lost of power ! I really don't know how much I lost with it, but maybe a lot ! The noise killer was in the section where the exhaust gaz must expend. Instead of that it was compressed, resulting a big amount of heat in the cabin and nothing after 6000rpm. The t-shirt I had to put on the ground to avoid getting hurt, has burned !

How did you find the new track then ? 
I think the fastest section has improved (a lot) my point of view of the track. But, the yellow one is for me the best choice ! Faster, better for the engine and transmission components.

So now, next step for the Civic ? 
More AERO !! (Thank you Ammo for mocking me and my Aero addiction ! :D )

Nooo noo, maybe just trying to find AT LEAST, a new front fender... And to give the Civic the appearance it deserves. A wrecked car doesn't make it a race car !  Then, maybe a most quieter exhaust, even if it's a pain in ass to make fit silencers with the under body. And that noise at WOT without noise killer, so addictive !

Thank you very much once again, to Ammo Prod for the pictures, Thank you Ludovic Clini from Autoworks Magazine who let me drive his PS13 (the balance of this car is quite impressive keeping in mind it has a drift geometry !) and The HEM#5 staff.

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  1. Echappement classique + Aero modeste = "petits" circuits = budget modéré = roulage régulier.

    Echappement latéral + Aero géant = "grands" circuits = budget important = roulage peut fréquents.

    Décision difficile !

    En ce qui concerne le moteur, le ZC Turbo à impressionné tout le monde, ça marche fort ! :) :) :)