My daily drive, the "AED7".

Here is a little description of my daily drive, it's a Toyota AE82 GT powered with the famous 4AGE. But since I have it, I had few reliability problems such as the head gasket, the alternator and finally, a piston and the rod to crankshaft bearings...

Enough was enough ! After few researches, i've found that the 4AGE with gearbox and accessories, was very heavy ! Something like 42kg (~92Lbs) more than the DOHC ZC (D16A9) with gearbox and accessories.

4AGE: 403lbs (~182kg)
D16A9: 309lbs (~140kg)

According to this numbers, here is a little table.

We all know the 4AGE as a huge uprade potential, bu Such as I prefer better handling than horse power, and staying almost stock, loosing weight on the front axle was a very good thing. So here I'm. 

The car is a bit more fun to drive just as if I've add a stiffer rear anti roll bar. very fun to drive.


  1. La perfection !

    La différence de poids entre les deux moteurs est impressionnante !

    La question maintenant c'est de savoir quel carto de Boso va le mieux s'y adapter :) :) :) Pour le savoir, un petit voyage au ring' s'impose non ? :)

    1. Mort de rire ! Oui carrément!! Mais avant ça, remplacement des amortisseurs, parce-que sur les route de montage la nuit à chaque freinages, je me demande qui a éteint la lumière LOL !

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