Calm before the storm, few hours before we go.

One of the most anticipated meet of the year the CLASSIC DAYS, legendary circuit, great vintage atmosphere and an entry as eclectic as sharp, by the way an appointment not to be missed.Yet things were not so obvious ones! We are Wednesday, May the 1st, after ordering on March 27, still no rubber for the rear axle. The car is on jacks so still not tested.

Nevertheless Ammo and I do our best to advance the preparation of the car  mounting the passenger seat (modifying rails for the extinguisher clearance), removal of adhesive residue from Autoworks Day2, cleaning, bonding stickers, or how to feel putting the cart before the horse. Obviously the mirror mounting had the nice idea to break (with the help of my elbow anyway), no worry we made a new part (at least it passed the time), reassembling the wiper wisher. Anyway, we couldn’t do anything more except relaxing on messines terraces.

The bushings are supposed to arrive tomorrow or Thursday, May 2 A small lunch quickly engulfed a long wait we decided to shorten going to the dealer shop about fifty kilometers away. Arrived at destination, still NOTHING, the store reminded us that when the driver pass they will give us a call. Ammo and I will do last minute shopping for travel, earplugs, energy drinks, water and snacks and a few things here .... 11:38 the phone rings, the bushings have arrived!

Neither one nor two, we run to the shop to attack the assembly immediately after a good meal.

FIRE! The under tray and diffuser already mounted, Bushing assembly is too long…. ensues an alignment program nervously
grating but so important.

Last tightening, car on floor, little apprehensive before going on trial at 23:30 with a side exit noisy as hell. 5 minutes after starting a huge smoke, more and more present occurs! A short stop after grabbed the extinguisher allows me to understand that this is the insulation and heat tape on the exhaust creating all that smoke. The car brakes fine, handle ok, no strange noises, homecoming! A blue light in the mirrors and a familiar noise reminds me that I must return as soon as possible, more than 400m, and engine cut, lights cut, I let myself slip into the entrance! Ammo closed the gate behind me late in the evening in bed.

The next day we load the car, apply some insulation here and there, and take the road ... (to be continued!)

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