"Laquais spec" full exhaust.

Hello ! Such as many more circuits in France puts noise restrictions, I've decided to make a special exhaust. The name I gave is the name of a famous circuit in Rhône Alpes "Le Circuit du Laquais" , very nice one but maybe the worst one about noise restrictions, even fully stock Honda can't go there (!?) There is one check to go to the track, but if they "juge" you're noise is too loud,  they  get you out the track even without an other electronic check, so some of us has to make some special modifications about killing the noise.

Here are mine.

I'll put a little video later... 


  1. roooooohhh m(_ _)m

  2. Amazing! This looks nice... How did you manage to reduce noise for your race car to the permitted value??

    1. I fact it's a lillte joke, i've made this exhaust for the Lurcy Lévis track which is very permissive abour noise ! So giving the name of "Laquais" for a 120db exhaust, made me laught (^_^) Sorry about the confusion.

      It's a 50mm straight pipe, nothing else, it's made from a 0,6mm sheet of steel, so it's quite light but very noisy !