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28 Apr 2012

Finally the car and I, arrived...

One piece of the dream.

Don't loose daily habits 

. . . Brand New 86. 

Photo by Ammo Prod. The Civic and I finally in japan.(As you can see, during the trip, the Civic had a little lights problems) It's almost fixed ! Tomorow, we will begin the roadtrip. More news to come later ! m(_ _)m

24 Apr 2012

Hey, たみこさん、!

Look, i'm doing my しうくだい in the TGV , tell me if you see any mistakes (^_^;).

Passez bien le bonjour à tous les élèves. Je pense à vous.

16 Apr 2012

Luggage mission < 30kg

Maybe it gona nearly be impossible, the "car bag" already weights alone nearly 20kg... and i'still have to put some Papot's Garage SST*'s in it.

*Special Service Tools

Anyway, i'don't need much more things, one or maybe two underwears, three t-shirts and pants might be more than OK ! (^_^)

7 Apr 2012

ヤッタ !!! Asian Empire arrived at Masan.

Not totally the end of the trip, still have the transshipment to the Masan/Kobe boat to be done, but it's looking quiet good (i hope !) (-_-')

5 Apr 2012

Asian Empire is LATE...

Bad news, Asian Empire is late, it should arrived the 2012/04/03. For the moment the final delivery date hasn't changed, i'm crossing all i can (T_T)

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