Dijon Prenois Racetrack ( YEAH ! )

Here is one of my FAVOURITE track ! That is a very fast track with long long quick curves, and an amazing straight ! You NEED horspower (I don't have (T_T) ).

My Best Time this day, was a little 01:44"00, with a passenger, but i had to stay at 6500rpm in the straight because of the noise restrictions. The Civic speaks loud ! 98db.

First of all, the road to go there !

Hihih ! I've modified the air intake duct, it's nearly like the stock light ! (^^.)

Fortunately for the 997 Porsche, the straight was long enough to get away, but on other parts of the track, the Civic was faster.

Oups ! Little oversteer because of the overheated TOYO R888 overheated (-_-)'.

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