One week ago, somebody brought me this little baby. Someone made a pretty interesting swap for him but unfortunately the car isn't running at all for some reasons...  Instead of spending lot of time to find out why, he brought me the car to make the job done. Actually, to rebuild it all in order to be reliable.

Finally, I had the time to see what was going on under the hood to have a first idea...

And even if the engine managed  to run, I still don't know how ! There is no more fuel return hose to the tank.

Neither the MAP Sensor that I've found in a box full of wire  in the cabin!

As you can see here, there is some work to do to make it clean and reliable.

But also... much more SAFE !

And this is one of the reason no gear could be engaged...

This was just a preview of why this will by a busy and exciting winter ! Stay tuned !
I know I've already talked to you many many times about these track days in Tohoku, but I think those are so much under rated and in the shadow of many other events in the japanese car scene (Tsukuba, Fuji Speedway), that I wanted to spotlight this again (and I probably will more and more... ). Just check how all these cars are tuned for a function ! Look how tight is the battle in front... This is not just about killing the clock in a single lap, it's about tuning your machine to be in pole, then, to hold a proper pace and a great reliability for all the race long ! I mean, you have to be powerful, well balanced (to not kill the tires) AND reliable ! Then... it's all about the driver to not make contact. This is racing... After having done one of these race in Japan, I want it so bad in France... 

PS: I feel bad for this dude gearbox, and for N/A cars here in Sugo as well.