The first time I went to Japan, I really wanted to go to this shop called P.S.I, (Power Service Imazu). I've found them many years ago seeking for DOHC ZC parts, this time was the right one so I could manage to go there with Ammoprod. As every shop I've went, all started with a very long train session. 

And long minutes walking between typical japanese tight streets.

Then, we've finally arrived ! And believe me or not, but I was more amazed seeing this little shop than the Spoon Sports one in the Tokyo suburb.

As soon as you get into P.S.I, you know you are in a high quality engineering service shop, but not this kind of shop with some very expensive C.N.C tools. It's more about handwork helped by many many years of experience. At P.S.I, you can see this kind of stuff...

This engine (VRH35Z) was this kind of beast which used to spank the Hunaudières straight very quick, well helped by it's 1100bhp as you can see below. (2min33 for instant madness)

The Nissan block wasn't the only racing engine there but I had so many think to watch for, that I've forgot to take some pictures of monoseater prepared engines (engine modified in order to be "stressed" with a moseater tube.) 

 This RSC sticker, (Racing Service Center which is the father of HRC Honda Racing Corporation) means that P.S.I is allowed by Honda to repair any kind of their racing engines ! If you doubt about P.S.I service quality, now cannot anymore !

The boss of P.S.I had many archives to show, and we were really excited about seeing this kind of stuff in their original shape ! Here you have an original Mugen MS-1 race parts catalogue.

Then he started to show some original vintage racing parts and my eyes became wet at this time... 

The more we talked about the things we've seen in many archives we have, the more he shown us this particular parts we were talking about, which was really insane for the Otaku we are ! 

MS-1 valves spring ? Here you are ! In perfect conditions.

Camshaft pulley.

Then, this happened... A brand new MS-1 head !

After seeing all this madness, I was really mentally weak, but he decided to finish me with some DOHC ZC custom parts...

This custom made piston provides a great piston ring lubrication even at some serious speed, he told us this piston could easily reach the 10000 rpm with 90 mm stroke ! Those are insane linear speeds !

Even if this shop self name them "The engine specialist factory" they can rebuild gearboxes and even provide maintenance to track days, or racing cars. The only thing i want, is to come back there as soon as possible !