Hi there, it has been some time ! I wanted to write few words about driving the AW11 in the snow.

We all already know the MR2 AW11 is a really bad ass car (if you don't, you should try one as soon as you can !) , everything is purely made for the driver to have an exciting experience, and on top of that it has that amazing 80's touch ! From the steering feeling to the breaking power you can really enjoy a true fun car, and also understand why Toyota are so attached to their slogan "Fun to drive again" , referring of course, to this generation of exciting machines. Because "Fun" seems to be the only thing they wanted making this mini Nsx. 

So, back to the steering wheel ! How does it handle in Snow ? Pretty good indeed ! The car has some Vredestein Snowtrack 3 tires all around and it was strangely pretty grippy ! The mid-ship layout gives a great amount of traction which was more complicated to break than i though. It requires to always be weight shifting if you don't want to get some troubles under-steers. 

I had the opportunity to drive on a long large road in which I could carry some speed in the corners. Talking about speed on these conditions was about 70/80Km/h no more... (in the pictures by night) which was already very exciting believe me ! I just felt like in Sega Rally 2 arcade game ! This impression was raiser close due to the short steering rack the MR2 has. You can almost correct all the over steering with the two hands on the steering wheel going at these speed. 

In fact, the more speed you have, the easier it is to make the nose turn. The more speed you have, the more load you can transfer. As you can see on the picture bellow, I've spent a full gaz tank driving, it was so much fun ! I have to practice again to carry more speed in the corners, but it was already a great experience. 

Here is a little video where I'm having some fun.

And an other one where I'm making stupid mistakes trying to break the grip on the wrong time and over correcting (short steering rack). 

Don't forget to #Enjoycarlife !