Hi ! If you remember, because of that.

I had to find a new windshield, so the only man who could save me was...  FIFI, but before introducing him, a little road trip not far from Switzerland.

Agrandir le plan

Fifi is that kind of man who knows absolutly everything about classic Honda. He had many S600 and 800, he still have a beautiful one and a race 1st gen Civic that I can't find words to describe...

Here is THE man.

Here are some pictures of his living museum. (you will not see his cars because I didn't want to feel like a paparazzi (^_^) . 

Can you spot the original Mugen race crankshaft for an EB engine in this picture ? 

 So thank you very much Fifi for the windshield, and for let me see your "living museum"  I can't wait to see your Civic beating the track ! m(_ _)m