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16 Jul 2012

"Laquais spec" full exhaust.

Hello ! Such as many more circuits in France puts noise restrictions, I've decided to make a special exhaust. The name I gave is the name of a famous circuit in Rhône Alpes "Le Circuit du Laquais" , very nice one but maybe the worst one about noise restrictions, even fully stock Honda can't go there (!?) There is one check to go to the track, but if they "juge" you're noise is too loud,  they  get you out the track even without an other electronic check, so some of us has to make some special modifications about killing the noise.

Here are mine.

I'll put a little video later... 

14 Jul 2012

Autoworks Day 2.

The french famous magazine Autoworks made it again, an other track day in France as we can see in Japan, lap timing, drift for those who wants, but more than those two disciplines, enjoying motorsport as good friends ! (click on the picture for more details).

11 Jul 2012

Rotterdam Europoort and the Civic.

As usual, it begins with a road trip:

Agrandir le plan

MISSION: Bringing the car back to home.

I'knew the car was arrived but still had to get it at home. So let's have a nice trucker trip.

After 150km lost around Antwerpen, we finally arrived in Europoort zone. 

Now, we had to bring the car. Here, the agent talled us that we had to pay BEFORE at the agency in AMSTERDAM (!!), then we had to go to the customs to make the Carnet de passage Stamped. The very nice agent Roy made us understand that we had to go their QUICKLY before the customs close, so we drove the truck as hard as we could, we made it drift on curves (really) avoiding the traffic jam on the freeway we managed to be their on time "OUF" ! 
That was the beginning... Customs are always something special, even in Japan, Belgium or Nederland... 
After asking me for almost ALL papers i had on me about myself and the car, after hundreds questions and of course after waiting for 1H30+, i finally got the Carnet de passage Stamped (they were three guys on the Carnet) ! By the way, the customs were friendly at least, just trying to make their job as well. Maybe i was too nervous to understand that at the moment. Now, what about the payment in Amsterdam ? A very nice people from the agency, managed to make me pay in Rotterdam, so we didn't had to go to Amsterdam !

SO ! Here we are ! Ready to pickup the car ! Just near and other Japanese oldie. 

Here we are ! Nothing missing. harness, gauges, alfano. Perfect !

And the car finally at home. Can't believe i drove that car all around Japan, almost 2000km under the sun, the rain, even in mud (Sazan circuit access) with two race track sessions, and it's finally here, back in home... 

I just wanted to thanks my friend Camille for his help in this trip to Rotterdam, and also huge Thanks for Roy Currie and Andrea Knol from Höegh Autoliners for their help and their coolness. Really, thank you. 

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