Osaka, Second day.

Hirakata, Kobe.

The second day in Osaka was very difficult, not quiet a good way to discover Japanese culture.

Mission, going at the Osaka JAF to get the "Carnet de voyage" authentified and translated in japanse. But first, the very hot weather made us stop to a "convini". ("convinies" will be our best friend during the trip).

The JAF acclomplished the mission in about 20 minutes (Hayaii ! ).

Next step, going at the Kobe port to get some information about customs, after having done many travel between the different Kobe customs and the port agency... we finally found the right office to sign the "Carnet de Voyage". (i tooks a few hours at least).

Getting back to the port agency with the carnet signed, we had to go to the cargo agency after having payed 12000¥ for the 2 days at the port, we finally met the car... 

We found the car in bad conditions, rears lights broken, and the bumper damaged, i was also scared of the engine health, because of the water pump switch has been actioned, i was afraid they run the car without water pump... On top of that the battery was fully empty. After having check the oil level, installed the steering wheel, harness, and gauges we finally fired the D16A9. Water temp, oil pressure were good, so we went to the gas station, and at finally, at Garage Osaka JDM to leave the car there.I had to change the suspension setup, install a new battery and changing the engine oil. Maybe this day would took me a week if i wasn't with Jean- Christophe Pepino m(_ _)m

Let's celebrate this second day in Japan with a good good ramen ! 

The first day was a little bit classical with some Fanta "Raisin".

And a typical food set, (i can't remember the name) But it was also very good ! I thought i will loose weight, i'm actually taking some ! 

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