Fuji -> Tokyo, Odaiba Oktoberfest 2012

Here we go for Tokyo, the road from Fuji was just like a road between a big city and his suburb but "Togan version" (Copyright Ammo) Like a Touge (mountain pass) with highway tarmac.

We've also seen how few Japanese people like french cars. 

I would say that rolling on the Tokyo Wangan with his own car was bit disturbing, maybe because of the video games i've played many years ago where you have to race on it at 200km/h... I'll try to do my best to not talk about cars only, but it's so so hard in a country where cars is a culture as wine is in France.

Gundam wings in Japan is a madness industry. Here is a gundam from the manga at the real scale. 

Chilling in Odaiba.

I like the way that the cranes are a part of the city. 

And a little surprise for us, the Oktoberfest in Odaiba ! 

Then an other surprise, the Fuji Tv Sky Quake, the same we have in France at the Centre Pompidou of Metz. It's to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the friendship treaty between France and Japan. I'm proud of having seen those only 2 Sky Quake in the world. 

Odaiba one.  

Metz one. 

 Miam !! 

Here pictures for the most "Auto Otakus"... 

Visiting Option magazine. 

Then, the Toyota center, right in Odaiba commercial center a huge place dedicated to Toyota. 

 The brand new 86 is already available in a "low coast" version, i would better say, a "tunable" version, like the EK9 at its time. So steel wheels, no A/C, no audio purpose, and raw bumpers.

The test track for potential customers. 

Here are some pictures from the Toyota museum. They were lots of "non Toyota" cars. 

Coming next, Tsukuba Ibaraki. 

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