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28 May 2012

A night in Osaka Umeda/Yodoyabashi/Namba.

Agrandir le plan

A Mc Laren show room, with the last MP4 12c, and one of the ultra famous Ayrton Senna MP4/4.

Bike city. (Country)

AW11 with some nice Work. 

In the middle of the night some funny young Japanese invited us to get a ride in their "ratsed" Mazda Bongo with loud club music inside ! Amazing.

Later that night (sooner that day) people sleeping in restaurant maybe waiting for the first train.

After having a quick breakfast at 5 in the morning... 

The sun was already strong ! 

23 May 2012

1st time batting at Round 1

I went for the 1st time at round 1,( ). And after few Dance Dance revolution, electric pocket bike, and having played golf, I trained hard at Batting, here i am.

Fried camembert

Miiaamm, here is the fried camembert, a camembert fried in oil, with butter on it.

Camembert = Fat
Fried = Fat
Butter = Fat

= Marvelous ! Love that.

22 May 2012

Full Sun Eclipse in Hirakata-Shi

That's what i've lived Yesterday.

The weather was very nice so the light was very very strange ! I've never lived such a strange atmosphere. If my friend wasn't sleeping he would probably made some crazy shot of the city under this atmosphere.

Civic Off road like.

Just the mudflaps and head lights missing to make the Civic a Rally Car version. Actually, Fleet vessel edition.

Central Circuit ゼロヨン - US lifestyle at Hiroshima.

Just few words to say that Drag really messed me so much...

Here is an American lifestyle show, it's a little bit desturbing, knowing how much Japanese love american culture, being in Hiroshima prefecture. 

The perfect alliance between Hiroshima and US life style, a Mazda "West Coasted" (Mazda is a brand from Hiroshima)  

Beach .

Big brigdes, huge cranes, Hiroshima city, we're coming.

 The sadly famous monument.

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