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7 Mar 2012

Mail From Paris, still can't believe... (T_T) [パスポートのシビック]

I can't believe the FRENCH postman almost lost it, this was sent at the same time as the Japanese mail...the Japanese one arrived 3 days before the French one...  By the way... I still can't believe I finally have this paper, one of the most important I had after my driving licence, this very expensive paper is one of the most important step of the trip... Step 3/5 cleared !! 0(^_^)° I'm so happy !

a few country i'll will be autorised to drive my car in... (there's much and much more !!) 

This paper is FIA aproved Baby ! 

Next ones to come ! がんばります m(_ _)m 

5 Mar 2012

Mail from Japan ? (@_@) ( 翻訳のライセンス )

What could this mail from Japan be ??

HOLLY SH*T !!!  0(^V^)°

My driver license Japanese translation Wouhou !! (^^.)V

4 Mar 2012

Ready to travel again (^_^)v

That was so boring to have to use an additional PC screen with my laptop, so i decided to do something.

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