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20 Feb 2012

Roadtrip to Anvers. Destination KOBE. (神戸市 )

A little 325km trip to Anvers soon in the morning. 

A little too soon this morning, but not enough to leave me on bed, the excitation was stronger than sleeping.

Here we go for a little trip in Belgium. (drinking many energy drinks (@_@) )  

But too much energy drinks sometimes gives to the body some natural needs (^^.) 

That been a many years we wanted to experiment this belgian "snack" packaged like any chocolate bars, but... but, this "chocolate bar" is in fact a... "Franckfurter" ! That's not good at all (-_-) 

In order to make sure the trip will be safe for the Civic, a few messages in english, and of course in japanese. 

As you can see, the sports steering wheel, pressure/temperature gauges and Alfano Timer are gone, they will travel by plane, with.... me ^^ 

I wanted to make a special thank to Sébastien, Larry, and of course, Powersol ( ) for the truck, without them this trip wouldn't be possible m(_ _)m 

19 Feb 2012

Anvers, we are coming.

This is the D.Day for her, this night we will travel to Anvers Port, I'm not nervous at all. (~_~;)

11 Feb 2012

Oil cooler.

I've decided to locate the oil cooler to an "exotic" place because i didn't have enough room to fit it just behind the grill, and also to use the less flexible hoses as possible. (this position also avoid damage risks due to track debris.) So basically it's not about bringing "oil to cold air", but bringing "cold air to oil" (^^.)

The oil cooler is situated in a high pressure area (OEM cockpit ventilation holes), then, hot air exits by a very low pressure area (by the opened front fenders ).

Here we go for some cutting ! 

Enough room this time ?

Let's separate "High pressure zone" from "Low pressure zone" : huhuhuh ! (Of course, there is some thermical isolation foam between all aluminium sheets. )

Still separating areas.

Now, what about some hose fitting ? Sometimes shorter is better (^^.)

All together!

The ventilation holes in the hood have to be finish properly m(_ _)m. Fitting test, the foam is too wide. (-_-')

Aero improvement first step.

Here we go with a little modification which is not expensive and can add some little benefits on cooling, top speed and removing some lift on the front wheels. (Clic on the picture to see the animation).

Just by adding a plate after the front grill.

Nicer than the exhaust manifold o(.^^)0

Then, classical mod, the front mono wiper washer. (but also because of the oil cooler location). 

The ventilation holes still have to be finished nicely.

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