Here come the day i was waiting the most since a few month. But first, as usual. Roadtrip. Almost 300km with lot of  décibels in the hears (-___-)'

Finally arrived there, i found lot of friends. 

And the Briefing: 

Because of the very hot temperature on track and lot of people on it, I couldn't improve my time of 1:20"25 

You can see that the chassis is much stiffer than it was (Spring Rate and a bigger antirollbar on rear).

And a little Video with Mami Shibata.

One of the fastest car of the week !! B18C6 Almost stock.

Really enjoyed this week end with all H
European Fanatic !

Hi ! Preparing the Honda Euro Meet and it's hot temperature, i've decided to upgrade the cooling. So i've decide to make some "Papot's cooling plates" to keep the air flow going ON the radiator. BUT, I had to improve it WITHOUT cutting the hood (-___-)'. Here are the Papot's Cooling Plates.

Since "Magny Cours F1" i had some cooling problems, lot of pressure in the cooling system, problem how broke me two electrics water pumps.

So i had to buy a new one, and an other hose to put the pump in a "permanent bleeding" position.

 The pump failure and the head gasket, was in fact the consequences of a broken coolant radiator cap (never buy one on ebay sh*t !!! ) So i 've bougth a brand new Honda Genuine parts one. (just like the head gasket and the head bolts)

Removing the engine from the engine bay because it's just impossible to do something the engine inside.

I've mad a little tool to remove any dust/coolant/oil from the head bolt hole. (^^.)

Installing the new gasket, and setting the valve clearance.

Bleeding the cooling system (you can see the shitty cap !) :