Winter Modifications. Part II : the engine.

Because the engine had some cooling troubles, I had to rebuild the engine:

- Machining the head: -0,5mm
- Porting the head.
- Machining the block: -0,5mm
- Balancing the cranckshaft.
- Machining the cranckshaft.
- Machining the block bore +0,5mm

Ready to go to the "magician".

Now, the cranckshaft, lighter than the stock one (on top):

The head now.

Stock camshafts.

Engine. (So nice when new v(^o^)v ):

You can see here the D13 pulley:

The genuin Honda oil filter and the OIL pressure sensor. You can also see the flywheel. (Fidanza)

Yeah !! V(T_T)V (You can see the custom made inox water pipe, but you can't see the Electric water pump) There is a BMW M5 Green Air filter in the custom airbox.

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