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27 Apr 2011

Cleaning after Rain Conditions.

Hi ! Today I decided to clean the car. Rain conditions are fun, but very messing as you can see here... 


Ready to be cleaned !

PS: It's cool to drive a light car, the Discs look like they are new, then, pads are 50/50 and i've never changed them ! 132mm disc with Honda Concerto Euro Spec calipers, (The pad are the same as EE8/9 )

18 Apr 2011

That's what I need.

Today at the garage, I've seen the perfect car to pull the Civic to the track V(^o^)V . You can get my IBAN by mail for all donations. Thanks a lot guys ! m(_ _)m

13 Apr 2011

Magny Cours F1 Racetrack. (Rain)

That was a very special moment for us, the japan, and Sendai ( 仙台 ) Particularly was hit by a huge tsunami, we have friends leaving there, and we love japanese culture and the courntry, so it was a strange moment.

BY THE WAY as "Runfree86" (AE86 Japanese drifter) told me "Shit happens !"

So Magny Cours F1 is a beautiful racetrack with long straights long and fast chicanes, and also hard breakings ! Very hard for the car, but lot of pleasure for the driver ! (the video on the right of the blog).

This day, the rain invited its self to the party (y_y) Never mind, the fun invited its self too !! On top of that, i've decided to put a 20mm short rear antyrollbar, and Stiffer springs (8kgmm !!) on the rear too ! So the car had "little" oversteers. (more pics of the mod to come). But really much better on corner exits.

がんばれ !!!

Dijon Prenois Racetrack ( YEAH ! )

Here is one of my FAVOURITE track ! That is a very fast track with long long quick curves, and an amazing straight ! You NEED horspower (I don't have (T_T) ).

My Best Time this day, was a little 01:44"00, with a passenger, but i had to stay at 6500rpm in the straight because of the noise restrictions. The Civic speaks loud ! 98db.

First of all, the road to go there !

Hihih ! I've modified the air intake duct, it's nearly like the stock light ! (^^.)

Fortunately for the 997 Porsche, the straight was long enough to get away, but on other parts of the track, the Civic was faster.

Oups ! Little oversteer because of the overheated TOYO R888 overheated (-_-)'.

Le Bourbonnais (Club Track)

This was my first time there, I though it would be as like as much new circuit in France, short, with lot of tights corners, like "Le circuit des Ecuyers", I was wrong, that was a really good one ! You can see the video on the right of the blog. That was against a friend with his powerfull EG6 10500rpm B16A. My Best Lap Time was: 01:18"34 with a passenger.

That was on the road to go to Le Bourbonnais, when the car was still clean !

The camber setting bolt was going away (T_T) !!

The car is still good on hard brakings o corner entrances.

Back to grand mum's home !

Summer Time !

Some friends invited me to spend my hollydays in the south of France. (long long trip ! Because the car make a loud loud noise !) (-_-)'

Finally I got there !! V(^o^)V (This is Koebi's ED7 (EF3 in japan) )

Here we go for a little trip in the "Touge" ( 峠 )

All about Touring between mountains.

The white car is a 620 Si Rover, it got the torquefull H23 Honda DOHC Non Vtec engine.

Those are the "Les boulets crépitants Jhonny Hallyday" (-_-)'

A nice Clio RS (2.0L DOHC 16v ) we've seen near Grenoble. (0_0) (love the wheels !)

12 Apr 2011

"Light is right" (Colin Chapman) .

So learning from Colin Chapman advice, I decided to put a fiber hood: (i also have a Fiber hatch, but no pictures m(_ _)m .

The weight is 3,5kg instead the 11kg of the stock one.

Winter Modifications. Part II : the engine.

Because the engine had some cooling troubles, I had to rebuild the engine:

- Machining the head: -0,5mm
- Porting the head.
- Machining the block: -0,5mm
- Balancing the cranckshaft.
- Machining the cranckshaft.
- Machining the block bore +0,5mm

Ready to go to the "magician".

Now, the cranckshaft, lighter than the stock one (on top):

The head now.

Stock camshafts.

Engine. (So nice when new v(^o^)v ):

You can see here the D13 pulley:

The genuin Honda oil filter and the OIL pressure sensor. You can also see the flywheel. (Fidanza)

Yeah !! V(T_T)V (You can see the custom made inox water pipe, but you can't see the Electric water pump) There is a BMW M5 Green Air filter in the custom airbox.

Winter Modifications. Part I : the chassis.

That winter, i decided to modify the cooling system, the engine, and the chassis setup.

First of all, chassis paint removing (long long long). And new radiator fitments tests:

Later, I realised that it would be impossible to fit this one (T_T).

Then, the caster modifications:

Here is the custom madefiber intake duct made from an original light:

An other fitments test with EG5 eg Big aluminium radiator volume. You can also see the new paper air box and the intake duct.

Here you can see the Integra Type R brake pump, but still with the EF brake booster. The brake pedal pressure is easyer to adjust.

Then, the result of the caster modification.

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