(En Fraais en bas de page). Hi there ! here we are, to celebrate the 2000 people following Papot's Garage Facebook page, I've decided to make few stickers. They are a tribute to the famous Option Magazine from the late 80's. So if you feel like cars from the 80's are awesome, that you don't trust in rust, you're not afraid to drive hard your oldie, if you are not speculating on your youngtimer and are found of Do it yourself, then, feel free to stick these on your baby ! (Size:7x2.1 in)

How to get them ? Simple. You just have to send 3,90€ to this Paypal address papots.garage@gmail.com tell me your address in the comment section and they will be send to you ! Simple. Thank you again for following me in my little adventures !

Nous y voilà ! Pour célébrer comme il se doit les 2000 personnes que vous êtes à me suivre sur la page Facebook Papot's Garage, j'ai décidé de faire quelques stickers en hommage au célèbre magazine Option de la fin des années 80. Donc si vous pensez que les autos des années 80 sont géniales, que vous ne "croyez pas en la rouille" (Don't trust in rust, c'est mieux en anglais !), que vous n'avez pas peur de maltraiter votre oldie, que vous ne spéculez pas sur votre Youngtimer et que vous adorez le Do It Yourself, alors n'hésitez pas à coller ces stickers sur votre bébé ! Dimensions: 180x55mm)
Comment les commander ? Simple, il suffit d'envoyer sur 3,90€ sur Paypal à cette adresse, papots.garage@gmail.com, de mettre votre adresse postale en commentaire, et vous recevrez vos stickers ! Une fois de plus, merci de suivre mes petites aventure !
Seeing my numbers after having put my car on a dyno, I though the distributor was in fault... The only brand new one I had was an Ashuki so I've fitted it, then started the engine. Not even surprised knowing they were crap, my dash shown me a beautiful check engine light with the LED flashing 9 times aka, N1 Cyl position sensor (which is absolutely not in the distributor).

Then I decided to take it apart in order to have a clear idea about what's going on in them... It wasn't long before the evident lake of quality of these piece of sh*t jumped into my face.

But first of all, a little reminder. The faulty parts in the Honda ignition system are, the coil, and the module. In the Ashuki ones, they are actually the exact same as the Honda, same manufacturer, same part number !

The problem is elsewhere... The Honda distributor assembly provides the Crank Position Angle sensor and the TDC sensor, they are both HALL effect sensors, which means the gap between the magnetic target and the rotor is extremly important... In the Honda case, the gap is consistant and absolutly flush as you can see.

The Ashuki one, is something else.

And if it's true for the TDC sensor, it's exactly the same for the crankshaft angle sensor as well...

So what I've done, is taking the module and coil from the Ashuki assembly, to put it in my OEM Honda one. And as you can imagine, it worked like a charm...

Pour les français, vous aurez plus d'infos en cliquant là dessus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFWP3B9XKr4