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23 Jun 2016

Video : The very 1st ride of the DOHC SB.

It was way back in 2008 when the first privately developed space launch vehicle (called Space X Falcon 1) successfully made orbit and when the first time the price of petroleum hit the 100$ per barrel and... It also was the very first time my little 1976 Honda Civic was out on the street with it's new heart.

After making the engine start, I've decided to wait for the night to get a first proper ride and in order to compete with potential issues (that didn't occurred) I asked to my friend Fab to come with me in my lovely "Ghetto Concerto" as a support vehicle. Indeed the Civic look was very "Sleeper", and I have to say, I still enjoy it a lot !

 As you will hear in the video, the exhaust was loud ! At the time, the diameter was a constant cone from the header to the final exit made in a 0,8 mm sheet of steal. The initial diameter was 45 mm from the Supersprint header and finished at 60mm after the silencer. From the intake side, it was a little bit simpler as a big single velocity stack was in charge to feed the engine in a rather fresh air. This same part is still at the same place, but now gets fresh filtered air from the custom air-box.

In 2008 you had to put some kind of music in your video because "life style" you know and as it's the original unedited footage, you have to deal with it ! That was probably what I used to enjoy in the garage at this time, and glad these songs are so "underground" that even the "Youtube Copyright thing" didn't found it.

Please enjoy !

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