Hi guys! As you may know, Ammo Prod went back from Japan a few weeks ago (lucky him!). He brung me a little funny present. But before you need to know what is "Taiko no Tatsujin".

Taiko no Tatsujin is a drumming video game from Konami I've discovered in Japan. You can see me in this RIDICULOUS video playing it for the very first time before it became an addiction. (with the famous JC Pepno from Work wheels Japan).

Now here is the way you should play ! 

And here is the key holder Ammo brung me from Japan. 

But, this little thing features a very cool stuff, for exemple if you're stuck in the trafficjam, instead of eating your steering wheel (Sorry JC, hahaha !!) , You can just do that ! 

Thank you Ammo ! m(_ _)m 

Here is a raw footage shot by my friend Sylvain. (His channel link in the video).

As you can see, the Adelaide hairpine was a bit sleepery (oil ?).Best Lap Time of the day: 2min06.06. Such as the Porsche is very rare, I didn't want to touch each other so I've always made some room to ovoid any kind of contact.

Here are the 911ST specs:

Weight: 947kg
Hps: 238hps
Engine: 3.2L
Gearbox: 915
Final gear ratio: 7:31
Torsion bar: 29mm
Antiroll bar: 22mm (adjustable)
Wheels: 16x7
Tires: 4 Toyo r888 225mm wide
Brakes: From 3.2L

Here is a little description of my daily drive, it's a Toyota AE82 GT powered with the famous 4AGE. But since I have it, I had few reliability problems such as the head gasket, the alternator and finally, a piston and the rod to crankshaft bearings...

Enough was enough ! After few researches, i've found that the 4AGE with gearbox and accessories, was very heavy ! Something like 42kg (~92Lbs) more than the DOHC ZC (D16A9) with gearbox and accessories.

4AGE: 403lbs (~182kg)
D16A9: 309lbs (~140kg)

According to this numbers, here is a little table.

We all know the 4AGE as a huge uprade potential, bu Such as I prefer better handling than horse power, and staying almost stock, loosing weight on the front axle was a very good thing. So here I'm. 

The car is a bit more fun to drive just as if I've add a stiffer rear anti roll bar. very fun to drive.