Here is the review about the Autoworks Day 2 at Lurcy Lévis test track. (Famous for the F1 Top teams aero tests. That circuit has one of the longest straight line in Europe ).

The weither was nice, the temperature was engine and tires friendly, not too hot. That was my fear about this day. The modifications i've made for this day was simple. New tires, new exhaust, new front antiroll bar, and a new tachometer position. 

Here are the brand new A048 Medium ones.

The new custom made front antiroll bar, it's a rear MR2 rev1 one. (you can also see the new exhaust and header).

The new tachometer position, much better place ! So now i can really reach the full power band.

The morning was a big surprise ! That was also nice to see my friends again, and the other cars. The morning sessions were very weird, despide the new tires i felt huge understeers on the slow corners. Everyone could pass me. After getting out of the track because that huge understeer, i've decided to remove that new antiroll bar. That was much much much better ! 

You can see here the lap time with the front antiroll bar.

Now the results without the front antiroll bar.

Here is the race at the end of the day ! The 8 best lap time in a launch start with a reversed grid. The weither was pretty bad ! Lot of rain but not enought to clean up the track from the drift débris, so it was VERY VERY sleepy at the end of the race. Lot of fun ! Really !

Bad luck for me, i've took somthing from a car infront of me end the wind screen was broken. (you can see the quick fixed exhaust i've broken in the morning).

I would like to thanks all my friends for comming, Autoworks Magazine, WAutosport, the guys who lent me tools to fix up my exhaust. And I also would like to thx the Lurcy-Lévis track manager for his coolness !  Thank you !!